Matcha & Hojicha Tea Set


Matcha & Hojicha Gift Set

Just in time for the holidays! Our Matcha & Hojicha Set is the perfect gift. Send this to a loved one or enjoy this yourself.

Our recipe includes hot and cold drink instructions.


Pure Uji Matcha

We have combined matcha leaves from different times of the year to create a unique blend that showcases vibrant colour and phenomenal flavour!⁣

This blend of Matcha powder is a cultivated from the 1st and 2nd harvest. The powder we're left with is a nice forest green colour and releases a soothing delicate flavour that can be enjoyed in lattes, smoothies, baked goods, or simply on its own. 

Hojicha Deluxe Teabag

Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green tea. It has a naturally sweet taste and smoky flavor. Hojicha whole leaves are grounded up into very fine tea leaves. There is 12 grams of pre-measured, prepacked Hojicha leaves per tea bag. Hojicha in this flavour-packed tea bag is perfect for milk teas since the fine leaves promote rapid diffusion and effective flavour release. If you enjoy bold tasting teas, you must try our Deluxe Hojicha Tea Bags. It can be steeped twice!


Gift set includes the following:

1x 25g Pure Uji Matcha (make approximately 5 servings)

5x Hojicha Deluxe Teabag

1x Metal reusable straw (Includes straw cleaner)

1x topping: Pearls, coconut jelly +$2, lychee jelly +$2, mango jelly +$2 

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