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Roasted Tea Kit


Roasted Tea Kit

Our roasted milk tea kits come with teabags that are pre-packed and filled with the perfect portion of tea leaves. Each teabag consists of 12g of tea and can be steeped twice. The leaves are grounded (compared to the whole leaf), which releases a bolder, more concentrated flavour. 

We recommend steeping the tea bag for 10 minutes, then taking the tea bag out. Otherwise your tea will become bitter. 

Choose from our Hojicha Tea or Roasted Oolong Tea

There are 10 servings in 1 kit. 

This kit includes:

1 x Topping of your choice:

430g tapioca pearls, lychee jelly (+$2), coconut jelly (+$2), mango jelly (+$2).

1 x 360g Milk Tea Creamer 

10 x Roasted Deluxe Tea Bags

10 x Compostable bubble tea straws

1 x Instruction leaflet

**The glass cup in the photo is NOT included**

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